Prasoon Joshi slams Bhansali over private screening of ‘Padmavati’


The media and Bollywood lovers were given a piece of jolt yesterday while it came to light that information channel editors, Arnab Goswami of Republic and Rajat Sharma of India television, got a danger to peer the approaching duration movie Padmavati. Arnab Goswami mainly went all out as he commenced speakme about the various scenes of the movie, such as the climax. The Padmavati makers possibly confirmed the film to present out a message that their movie doesn’t hurt the feelings of the Rajputs and to hopefully reduce the protests that the movie is going through.

but, this new strategy has hurt the central Board of movie Certification (CBFC). Its chairman Prasoon Joshi has expressed displeasure over the truth that Padmavati was screened for the media even before getting a Censor certificates. He believed that this type of move compromises the role of the CBFC and it’s no longer correct in the long run. He further stated that it’s myopic to deal with certification method haphazardly as in step with the benefit of the makers. He was amused that on one hand, the filmmakers maintain CBFC accountable for the mess and pressurize to boost up the Censor manner. however however, they are trying to subvert the very method. as a result, this choice to display Padmavati for 2 information channels can set an opportunistic precedent, consistent with Prasoon Joshi.