Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s ex Sunita Rajwar Plead him for Rs 2 crores


Nawazuddin was additionally hammered by his ex Niharika Singh for making false disclosures and ruining her picture openly through his as of late discharged journal An Ordinary Life.

What’s more, now his ex whom he labeled as his ‘first love’ has sent a legitimate notice. Apparently, Sunita has likewise requested for a pay of Rs 2 crore for recoloring her picture.

Sunita additionally asserted that she and Nawaz are not in talking terms from most recent 16 years. She stated, “I am making lawful move in light of the fact that the harm is now done and it’s irreversible.”

Sunita likewise censured Nawaz of doing a reputation stunt by controlling their connections.

According to the legitimate notice Sunita’s picture has been contrarily depicted. It expresses that she is somebody, ”who drove Nawaz to consider submitting suicide.”

She has likewise denied the way that is said in the book which read as Sunita dumped Nawaz as he was not effective. She said that it was “a fabrication of his creative ability.”

Sunita has additionally requested an unequivocal statement of regret from Nawazuddin. Supposedly, alongside Nawazuddin, the notice has likewise been served to the co-writer Rituparna Chatterjee and the office associated with the distributing of the book.

She additionally stated, “The withdrawal of the journal ended up being a trick as the book is still available for use.